Cause Driven


Cause driven events are a priority

Our love of supporting the greater community is reflected in our immersion in all of our nonprofit events. We understand the priority and value of long term relationship building – whether it be with the Board of Directors, the volunteer base, the staff, the guest or the donors. Non-profit organizations are running a marathon, not a sprint, and we work and invest in a long term partnership.

Brookline Teen Center Gala 2019

2019 Brookline Teen Center Gala

Enchanted Forest Bug Light Jars

Enchanted Forest Mitzvah

Soccer Bar Mitzvah Decor

Soccer Party was a win!

The CAC Step up Speak Out 2018

Children’s Advocacy Center 2018

Greenway Gala 2018

Boston Harbor Now – Onboard Awards!

cause driven event

Gann Academy Tribute Celebration

Star Wars: May the Force Be With You

Pink Carnival Party in Boston

Twins! Double Bat Mitzvah!

Party! Brookline Teen Center Gala!

Brookline Teen Center -5th year!

Boston’s Greenway . . . all the way!

A Cambridge LAX Bar Mitzvah- Score!

Red, White and Blue Bar Mitzvah!

Services we offer

Wedding Brunch – State Room

Welcome to Vegas! Jacob!

An Orange Party!

The Children’s Advocacy Center: 2016

The Charles River Boat House

A Glow Mitzvah!

Butterfly Party

Butterflies & Balloons Bat Mitvah

A Personal Mitzvah: the initial D!

Positively Pretty! & Pink!

Game Day is a Winner!

Understated Elegance . . . and Oranges!

Springtime? Anytime! Cocktail!

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